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I help impact-driven coaches and  course creators  organically scale their offers using simple launch cycles in Facebook™ groups.

The 10 Most Effective Types of Social Media Content

How do you grab the attention of your perfect client and become their go-to choice for your service? Great content. Your content is what will sell while you're asleep.

In this mini-course I show you how to use content to boost engagement and stand out. Ready to wake up to leads in your inbox?

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Let’s write your Facebook™ marketing success story.

As a savvy entrepreneur, you know you need to harness the power of Facebook™ groups to continue your success journey. But you’ve worked hard (like, too hard) to build your business online and gain momentum. You’re ready to take it to the next level, but you realize:

+ You create posts with fingers crossed, praying your ideal client will engage with your content

+ Your Live Videos aren't converting clients consistently

+ The energy in your Facebook™ Group isn't what your dreamt it would be

+ You don't understand how to create simple launch cycles in your marketing and need help selling to your cold leads

+ You’re seriously determined but are struggling to figure out how to build consistent growth from your group

+ You’ve got SO many ideas, and even more questions, but no sounding board or answers from someone who is an expert

Facebook™ should be a tool, not a burden. 

The trick is to master Facebook™ in a strategic manner so you can build your brand, grow your community and attract the right people (like high paying clients).

+ What if you had a blueprint for building a following, and accountability for putting your plan in action?

+ What if you felt empowered and confident with systems in place, and a content strategy that works?

+What if you didn't have to be constantly glued to your phone trying to get new clients?

+ Can you imagine a community of super fans and loyal customers  who'll leap into your next offer and refer others?

Now is your time to fully embrace Facebook™ groups and start thinking bigger. I’m talking more freedom, more time, more predictable income, and more leads…dream goals!

Success is available to everyone, but we often need help figuring out how to make it ours.

This is where I come in.

Streamline your strategy. Skyrocket your growth.

If you want to master Facebook™ marketing to build your brand, attract dream clients and be unstoppable in business, then I’m here to help. I’m your support system and cheerleader too, because I truly believe you deserve success and your success is limitless.

This is why we do what we do.

Check out some of the results and testimonials from our previous clients! 



“I want every businesswoman to know about her, because she is so incredible.” - Brittany

I believe my clients say it best, here are their results:

Brittany wanted to become a business coach to help other women, but didn’t know how to get there and did not believe in herself.  Within 6 months of working together, Brittany did $48,000 in sales. She used our strategy, and tools to double her FacebookTM group, launch her first program and create a six-figure business model.

Listen to her success story >>

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The Rebellion Mastermind

If you’re a coach, consultant or trainer who’s ready to master Facebook™ marketing to grow your business, this mastermind is for you. Join me and 3 other incredibly successful coaches for our flagship program and learn together with like-minded women how to scale beyond 4 figure months effortlessly.

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One on One Business Coaching with Alexandra

Do you need someone to review your content, do an audit of your group, give you a personalized strategy to grow your business organically using Facebook™? I work with a very limited amount of 1:1 clients to fully support them in reaching their business goals. 

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Meet Alexandra

Hi, I’m Alexandra!! Mom to Irish Twins, married to my soul mate, book lover, and introvert. I’ve built multiple businesses online, each six-figure+ earners through organic growth on Facebook™. I was able to do this all while discovering work-life-harmony free from a 9 to 5 which was the ultimate dream for my family.

What I’ve discovered, though, is that my heart is to serve other women, bless their businesses, and empower them to make their big dreams a reality. I've coached and mentored over 1,000 female business owners, helping them use Facebook™ to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for their online business.

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Alexandra’s success story is a formative part of the company. Her own personal experience ending up homeless and overcoming addiction inspires other women to reach for their dreams and empowers them to make them a reality. She has a relentless passion serving other female business owners who, equipped with the skills she’s learned, can find the success they desire. The company was founded with two purposes. A purpose to serve with integrity and a purpose to give back. Also, portions of the business proceeds are used to provide for women coming out of sex trafficking, abusive homes, or relationships. The company’s mission is to serve these women and empower them to succeed.

Are you a coach ready to scale past 10k months?

Want to be part of a tribe of female coaches and consultants who are determined to succeed in businesses and refuse to settle for an average life? That's what 6 Figure Rebel's is. Join us to figure out how you can work less, earn more and create an engaged Facebook™ group!

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